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Ginger G Collins

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The MARVEL Lab is within the School of Speech, Language, Hearing, and Occupational Sciences at the University of Montana. We are committed to investigating effective language-based literacy intervention methods that prepare students for academic, as well as postsecondary success.

Current Projects


Preparing Students Who Stutter for Life After Graduation:
A National Survey of Current SLP Practices

Little is known about current school-based SLP practices with respect to preparing high school students who stutter (SWS) for the transition to postsecondary life. This is particularly important given that for many SWS, the school-based SLP is the only school professional helping them develop an Individualized Transition Plan. Findings from this study will illuminate current practices.

An Examination of High School Students’ Knowledge
of Miranda Rights Vocabulary

Because individuals with language and learning disabilities 1) frequently struggle with complex vocabulary, and 2) are overrepresented in the judicial system, there is an observed need to prepare high school students with language and learning disabilities (i.e., those with IEPs) for adverse police-initiated interactions. The purpose of this study is to examine high school students’ comprehension of the 31 polysemous vocabulary words frequently used in Miranda Warnings.  Findings from this study will help inform school-based SLPs formulation of transition planning goals.





Mentored Capstone Students


Student Volunteers



If you are interested in joining the MARVEL Lab, follow the link below:


Dr. Collins mentors students pursuing their bachelor's, master's, and doctoral degrees. Undergraduate and graduate students have presented their research at national conferences following a rigorous peer review selection process, have been selected for prestigious honors, awards, and experiences through a competitive selection process (e.g., ASHA's Minority Student Leadership Award, NSLLHA Leadership programs, bilingual clinical education abroad programs), and numerous scholarships under her mentorship. If you are interested in pursuing an undergraduate capstone project, graduate thesis, or doctorate under Dr. Collins's mentorship, please schedule an appointment with her to discuss opportunities.

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32 Campus Drive
Missoula, MT 59812


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Colleagues Working in Office

Our Collaborators


Kerry Mandulak

Associate Professor 
School of Communication Sciences & Disorders 
Pacific University


Naomi Rodgers

Assistant Professor
Department of Special Education and Communication Disorders
University of Nebraska- Lincoln

Tobias Kroll, PhD, CCC-SLP, is a licensed speech-language pathologist with a specialization in language and literacy development and qualitative research. He is an Associate Professor at Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center. His current research interests center on the role of strategic flexibility in reading comprehension, and the intersection of social communication and identity formation in diverse and (post-) traumatic contexts.


Michael Gomez

Michael Gomez, Ph.D., LP, TF-CBT-MT, PCIT-CT, CE-CERT-MT, is a licensed psychologist who specializes in Trauma-Focused CBT, treatment of adolescents with problematic sexual behaviors (PSB), PCIT, TARGET, and assessment of autism spectrum disorders.  He is one of the three national co-chairs for the National Child Traumatic Stress Networks (NCTSN) Trauma and Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities (IDD) Workgroup.  He will be joining the Bradley Hospital team, Lifespan Institute, Warren Alpert Medical School at Brown University in Fall 2021.


Tobias Kroll

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